Key Power Foods to Lose Weight and Look and Feel Better!

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There is never a bad time to start changing little things up in your daily life to make yourself feel better and look better. Weather it be Almonds-Avacadrograbbing a new face wash, or adding a new vegetable to your diet that you never thought to try, the simplest things can make a big impact on how we look and feel.

1. Almonds – Yes it is true, this little brown nut can be a weight-loss hero, and help you look wonderful too. Almonds provide healthy fats that actually help you lose weight. Nuts are high in fat, but it has been found that people that eat nuts at least 2 times a week are more likely to lose weight than people that do not eat nuts. Almonds have also been shown to lower bad cholesterol and reduce heart attack risk. It is said that if you eat almonds about 5 times a week you can reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 50%. Almonds also help your brain function and keep your teeth and bones strong.

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Essential – Omega 3 fatty Acids

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These fatty acids are commonly found in plant oils and marine. Some of the potential health benefits of these fatty acids supplementation are divisive. They are the fatty acids that are not synthesized by our body but are essential for the normal body functions, like controlled blood clotting and development of cell membrane in brain.

Omega 3 fatty acids have a lot potential as they can help in curing the diseases like cancer, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis. There are majorly two types of omega 3 fatty acids in our diets: one is ALA, found in green vegetables, and the other is EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), found mostly in fatty  fishes. However both are beneficial for development of our metabolism.

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Weight Gain Diet Soda to the Rescue

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Obesity is a common problem now, especially among the kids. Too much of junk food, oil, and aerated rinks has lead people to become fatter and fatter with each passing day. Although, there are many medications available to shed the excess weight, most of them are not natural and require the body to undergo many hormonal changes. The side effects of the unnatural treatments and drugs should be avoided as much as possible. The lifestyle of people today gives them no option but to gain weight. With the work load being tremendous and tensions being sky high, the body is not able to work properly and thus fails to digest the food. To add to the misery, soft drinks also are a source that causes obesity. Though soft drinks can not be totally blamed for the worsened situation, it is hard to ignore that the current generation consumes too much of it.

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How to Combat Thyroid Hair Loss?

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Many people who suffer from hair loss often neglect the possibility of suffering from thyroid. In thyroid, the first visible symptom is the change in the hair color and hair loss. Thyroid hair loss can even be detected by your hairdresser, but you need to visit a doctor to be 100% sure. It is highly recommended that if you suffer from this problem, you should visit a doctor immediately.

It can be really startling to lose hair suddenly. It can scare the person and put him in dilemma. Fortunately, it is possible to slow down the thyroid hair loss with the help of proper precautions and procedures. For that, however, you should be aware of the situation and have a basic knowledge about thyroid hair loss.

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