Apricot Seeds – A Wonderful Way to Prevent Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that are the outcome of our unhealthy lifestyle and the advancement of technology. The survival rate of the people having Apricot Seeds- A Wonderful Way to Prevent Lung Cancerlung cancer to the normal people varies from 5% to 16% in the international circuit. There are certain factors that decide the survival rate in case of the lung cancer. These are lung cancer screening for the first time, stage of the cancer and the condition of the patient. Survival rate is expressed as 5 year survival rate. It is the percentage of lung cancer patients that survive for five years at least after their cancer is being diagnosed.

We are talking about the survival rate. But there are methods for lung cancer prevention or we can say to prevent lung cancer from developing. It is not so much difficult to do so, and it s as easy as eating the apricot seeds.  These are quite popular in US in both the forms (dried and fresh). There are nutritional facts that support the fact that apricot seeds prevent lung cancer. It also helps in the treatment of the patients suffering from the disease. There is fixed amount to be taken daily that depends o person to person and a doctor can best advice you.

So what is so special about this apricot seed?

This seed have a nutrient called amygdaline, also known as B17. Inside this nutrient is the locked cyanide. This is kind of poison and very toxic. But this poison is locked unless and until the nutrient comes in contact with a cancerous cell. The process that is being performed is that an enzyme is needed to release the cyanide and that enzyme is only with the cancerous cell. In this way a cancerous cell unlocks the cyanide and cyanide in turn destroys the cancerous cell. Normal cell are not affected as they does not contain that enzyme but instead of that contains a one that unlock the nutrient and neutralizes the cyanide. In this way the cancerous cell are destroyed eventually on being formed.

Our body produce cancer cell constantly eating apricot seeds only once won’t work as it is not a vaccine. Eating it on daily basis can only help to prevent the cancer. Most of the scientist believes that B17 will definitely attack cancer cell and will never allow cancer to creep or develop.

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