Need of Relationships in Our Lives

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Each one of us is in one or the other relationship. We become bonded to many people, the moment we take our first breath. There is nothing more important to us than rellationshipthese relationships. It can be any kind of association, like mother – daughter, husband – wife, brother – sister or just the relation between friends. These relationships are a part and parcel of our lives as we live with them, cry with them, laugh with them and enjoy every minute of our life with them.

Every relation in our life has a different importance associated with it. Like the most beautiful relation in the world- the mother- child relationship. Whenever you are very happy or very sad, you just want to burst out everything in your heart to her. This relieves you and you feel better. A mother can understand her child even if he doesn’t tell anything. Such is the bonding between them. Similar is the relationship among friends who come in our lives when we are growing up. We spend such an important phase of our lives together that we become indispensable to each other. They are there for us every time in our grief, sorrows and happiness.

Every relation completes us in one or the other way by providing us with the required support and strength to face anything in life.

Some things should always be kept in mind so that the bonding in any relationship will remain healthy. Firstly, every relation needs some space to grow and breathe so give it the required freedom. Secondly, never expect too much in a relation as this is one thing that fuels up a fight if not yielded. Thirdly, do not hide things among each other because trust is one thing that bonds you together. Also, we should take care that that we give optimum time to our relation. Talking to the ones closed to you and sharing with them your highs and lows are always required to maintain a spark in your relationships. Always remember, we exist because of these relationships and they exist because of us.

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