The Real Cause of the Real Problem – Addiction

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Addiction, going by the dictionary meaning, is a state in which you become dependent on a particular thing. But it is not as simple as this simple definition of addiction. It affects every aspect of a person’s life.


Every sphere of his life is intruded- be it relationship with the peers or vocational associations. It has all types of biological, physiological, psychological effects on the body. We should look into why actually one ends up into this condition. The plausible reason can be traced in the genetic composition of an individual. They develop under certain unusual psychological and environmental conditions. Strained relations with closed ones during important stages of life lead to unusual dependence on things that please. Initially, the individual takes them occasionally as they relieve them of their stress. But when these situations occur again and again, the person starts depending on these things which ultimately lead to addiction.

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Awareness- The Best Way to Prevent AIDS

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All of us have heard and used this saying thousands of times- Prevention is better than cure. The best possible method for prevention is knowledge.

aids(ribbon)Still, many people among us do not have the required knowledge against many fatal diseases which cannot be cured but can be avoided through awareness. AIDS, an acronym to Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, is one among them. It is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome or HIV virus. The number of people infected with AIDS is increasing day by day. This disease is till date incurable but if little care is taken, it can be prevented.

How the disease is acquired?

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