Top 8 Reasons Why We Loose Hair

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Hair growth continuously goes through a cycle of growing, resting and shielding. Ever given a thought why we loose hair? When the hair follicles enter the resting phase Top 8 Reasons Why We Loose Hairand hair lost are not replaced by newer ones, hair loss becomes prominent. There can be a number of causes contributing to hair loss. Some of the common reasons leading to extensive hair loss and eventual balding are:

#1: Ageing: Hair loss usually occurs during the period between 20 to 50 years of age. Though it is noticeable in later stages of life, as in the early stages, hair loss is compensated by hair growth. Growth process decelerates as we advance in life.

#2: Application of Cosmetic Chemicals: Use of bleaching agents, coloring products and permanents on our hair, unknowingly become a cause of hair loss.

#3: Drugs/ Radiation / Medications: Antidepressants, anticoagulants, amphetamines, blood thinners, some antibiotics, drugs manufactured from vitamin A, drugs for ulcers, medicines for gout, and various other drugs also contributes to hair loss.

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Gym at Home- Latest Trend in Society

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Nowadays when people have enough money to spend and fitness equipment is also readily available at affordable price the idea of private gym is gaining popularity. This Gym at Home- Latest Trend in Societyhelps you to exercise daily as you know you don’t have to run or ride a bike in excessive hot or cold climate outside when you have treadmill at home.

This doesn’t mean that you always workout inside. It’s good to workout outside in fresh air whenever possible. But there are certain periods of the year when there will be odd climate conditions outside and it will be difficult for you to continue on your fitness plans. So setting up a 24 hour fitness gym at home is not a bad idea.

Setting up a gym at home helps in many ways. It helps you to mix things up. If you have a resistance training machine and a treadmill for instance, you can exercise on them alternately, doing the resistance training on one day and cardio workout on the other.

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3 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Gym

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Joining a gym costs membership. If you are not ready completely to join the gym or you are not sure whether you will use it to the fullest for yourself, do not 3 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Gymwaste money. If you never had gone to gym then all will look same to you but they are not. And selecting the right gym depends on the gym facilities that they provide. For example how qualified are the trainers, equipments are of good quality or not, etc. Every gym has its own pros and cons and it’s your responsibility to decide that the gym you are looking forward to, meets your personal requirements or not. So first visit the gym and have a good look on what they are providing to you.

Below are the some tips which may help you to get the perfect gym for you:

Location: – This factor is the foremost which you have to address. If the gym is near to your house, chances are more that you will go to the gym regularly. This will also help you to maintain the workout regime very easily if you are going to gym on regular basis. This will also save you a few bucks that you will spend on the gas of your car otherwise.

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3 Things One Should Consider While Choosing Autism Drugs

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Autism is a condition of mind in which a child finds it difficult to communicate and use language and abstract concepts properly. Medicinal drugs can help in the treatment 3 Things One Should Consider While Choosing Autism Drugsfor autism but one must take into consideration the following things while selecting autism drugs:

  1. Weigh the pros and cons of the medication in advance: Although the main treatment for autism includes communication and behavioral therapies, but nowadays various psychotropic drugs are also used to treat certain symptoms such as depression, self-injury, irritability, aggression, tantrums and obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, one should be very careful while selecting the medication because sometimes these drugs can have severe physical and psychological side effects.
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