Does Anybody Know What Actually Swine Flu Is ?

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Swine flu has become the headlines of every newspaper and news channel. What actually this Swine flu is? Biologically speaking, swine is used to refer to pigs. Swine flu is a Does Anybody Know What Actually Swine Flu Is ?respiratory disease which used to affect pigs in the past centuries. It is caused when the body of the pig is infected by swine virus. The symptoms in pig are high fever, severe weight loss and problems in breathing. Though the disease is severe but it is not deadly. Deaths due to swine flu are very less in case of pigs. It is an air- borne disease so if the virus is released in the air through coughing or sneezing, the pigs in contact will be affected.

Swine is a type of Influenza A virus. But the recent H1N1 virus affecting humans is a mutated form of this swine virus. It has genetic strands from the swine virus, avian influenza virus and the human influenza virus.
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Things You Should Take Care of When You Are in Depression

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Depression, the root cause of many problems related to mind, is increasing multifold times these days. The factors attributing to depression can be biological, genetic or depression2environmental. Biological factors are disturbance in brain owing to imbalance in cortisol hormone. Genetic reasons are there based on the familial history of depression. Environmental factors like death of someone in the family or any other unpleasant event also lead to depression. First and foremost thing is that depression is not a disease. It is simply a disorder of mind which is absolutely curable. So, don’t panic. Try to remain calm and composed, though it is difficult when you are depressed.

Depression is a mental disorder, though most of the symptoms visible are physical. So you must go for psychotherapy in case you are suffering from depression. Another important thing is you need to understand, that your role is equally important as your doctor’s in treating your condition through clinical ways.
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Are Drugs Really Necessary to Overcome Mental Disorders?

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Whenever we feel depressed, we consult a good physician or a psychiatrist. He listens to our problem, diagnoses the real cause and hand over to us a prescription with a depression-drugslist of pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are quite a lot effective in dealing with our problem. But does that mean that they are the only things that can help. Isn’t there any other route present to tackle our disorder? Do you owe these pharmaceutical companies so much that you allow them to become rich at the expense of your health? Surely, you don’t. Then, you must know that apart from these drugs, there are many other ways which can help you in dealing with the diseases. Rather, drugs should be the last option which can be thought of. Some self-help techniques you can opt for are:

Be active: When you are depressed, your main focus is circled around the feelings of sadness and it is hard to think about anything else.
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Physical & Mental Symptoms of Depression

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Do you know what depression is? Can you say whether a person is depressed or not just by looking at him? Or to be more precise, can you say by looking at yourself, depressionwhether you are depressed or not? Do you know what really the early signs of depression are? If your answer to all these questions is NO, then you must spare some time reading what is written below.

Depression is that condition of mind which if diagnosed early can be treated with no harmful effects. Though it can be cured in the later stages also, but the problems associated become more complex and the amount of relief may not be remarkable. The best way for a promising relief is to detect it early, whether you are suffering from depression or not. A person usually shows extreme behaviors when he is depressed. The commonly shown symptoms can be divided into two broad categories: physical symptoms and mental symptoms.

Physical Symptoms noticed during depression:

  1. Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping or no sleep) or hypersonic (sleeping a lot during the day).
  2. Body ache especially in the head and the stomach.
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