Physical & Mental Symptoms of Depression

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Do you know what depression is? Can you say whether a person is depressed or not just by looking at him? Or to be more precise, can you say by looking at yourself, depressionwhether you are depressed or not? Do you know what really the early signs of depression are? If your answer to all these questions is NO, then you must spare some time reading what is written below.

Depression is that condition of mind which if diagnosed early can be treated with no harmful effects. Though it can be cured in the later stages also, but the problems associated become more complex and the amount of relief may not be remarkable. The best way for a promising relief is to detect it early, whether you are suffering from depression or not. A person usually shows extreme behaviors when he is depressed. The commonly shown symptoms can be divided into two broad categories: physical symptoms and mental symptoms.

Physical Symptoms noticed during depression:

  1. Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping or no sleep) or hypersonic (sleeping a lot during the day).
  2. Body ache especially in the head and the stomach.
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5 Common Tooth Problems That Affect Your Dental Health

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Our teeth and the buccal cavity are susceptible to a number of diseases and problems. Here, we try to look into some of them and the possible remedies that can be opted dental-problemto cure these dental problems:

Halitosis: It is diagnosed by bad breath which is mainly due to tooth decay, inflammation of gums or problems in digestion. Herbal treatment can help in treating it. This includes chewing parsley and drinking peppermint tea which reduces mouth odour and sweetens breath. A number of homeopathic medicines are also there like Nux vomica, Mercurius, Pulsatilla.

Gingivitis: Due to deposition of plaque, bacteria attack the gums causing their inflammation. This usually occurs due to deficiency of vitamins, consumption of drugs or due to blood disorders.  The symptoms of this condition are sore, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers but this can be avoided by brushing your teeth regularly and flossing them. Homeopathic remedies for the cure include Mercurius, Kreosotum, and Natrum mur.

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Best 5 Ways to Keep Your Oral Cavity Healthy

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Since our childhood, we keep on hearing about the need and importance of dental health andtooth-brush hygiene. But we tend to neglect it, considering other things to be more important. When we do this, we usually forget that we are inviting trouble and pain to our lives. Here, are five ways in which you can ensure good dental health.

  1. Brushing and flossing regularly: The first and foremost step to be taken up for healthy dental life is brushing your teeth twice a day daily and flossing once a day. Though brushing in the morning and before going to bed is sufficient but doing it once more somewhere in the day will help to a greater degree. Flossing removes plaque deposited around the teeth and thus, prevents tooth decay. This will prove to be a major step in the prevention of cavity formation in the teeth.
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Know Why Children Need Dental Care As They Grow

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When children grow into adolescents and adults they show changes in their body. One of the visible changes in the children ageing between 4 to 8 years of age is kids-dental-carereplacement of milk teeth with permanent teeth. This is the time when proper attention should be given to the dental structure of the children. Their dental spacing should be monitored and oral hygiene should also be maintained. An eye should be kept on how well they do brushing and flossing of their teeth. The hygiene routine should be further expanded by going to a dental instructor regularly for check ups and more instructions on gentle gum, palate and tongue brushing. This will help in ruling out the possibility of any kind of gum infection in future and maintaining your oral health.

By the age of four, the children starts going to school thus, they are not under the supervision of parents or a care taker for the whole day.
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